First attempt.. Entrelac Knitting

I know how to procrastinate (*indeed too well), so to have something ready for winter, I got to start making it now. After reading different blogs and articles, I’ve decided to make a cropped box sweater. Yarn selection is the easy part, since I have some leftover yarn at home. For this project, it’ll be one strand of white yarn and one strand of gold nylon/ polyester yarn. The thing to consider in selecting a pattern is whether the pattern will show up nicely in these color. After some thought and research on fw 2012/ss 2013 trends, I’ve decided to try out Entrelac knitting, a type of knitting that looks like it is diagonally woven into each other.

Two great resources I’ve used:

Entrelac Step-by-Step Photo Tutorial for Beginners written by Urszula Szwabowicz

Planet Purl’s How to channel – a six part video instruction on Entrelac Knitting

This is what I’ve got so far 🙂 Not bad for a first timer eh?ImageHopefully I have enough yarn and patience to finish it in time for SF 🙂


If you are not ready for Entrelac, you can go to, this site offers a range of  knitting pattern for free with pictures, it’s super cool 🙂


Sesame Cake

One of my favorite dessert at the Dim Sum luncheon is the Sesame Cake

I came across this wonderful recipe here and made my own.

It’s super easy to make!

1. Prepare 2 bowl

2. Measure ingredients:

  1. Bowl 1: 120g water (room temperature) + 65g Water Chestnut Powder (gives it crunchiness)+ 15 g Glutinous Rice/ Wheat Starch Powder + 50g Cornstarch
  2. Bowl 2: 480g hot water + 150g sugar + 100g sesame powder (lightly toasted in oven for 10 min

3. Mix the bowls of ingredients separately, then mix the bowls together

4. Lightly oil the container/ mould/ ramekin that will be use, this helps release the steamed cake from the container

5. Steam the cake 🙂

  1. Option 1 – fill the batter to the top and steam for 20-30 min and test for doneness
  2. Option 2 – as suggested at the source to make multi-layers: fill the base of the container  or 1/5 full, steam for 3 minutes (check whether the layer is set) then add another 1/5 to the container, allow it to steam for 3 minutes and repeat; after all the batter has been added, steam for 20 minutes and check for doneness

6. All the cake to cool before cutting it, then enjoy 🙂

Can you see the layers?  Yumm 🙂

The Toy Society

Are you one of those crafter who makes stuff for the stake of enjoyment? Personally I’m not an Etsy participant – seller/ buyer, at times I just want to make things. Over years I’ve accumulated boxes of fabric and yarn and I’m preparing for moving, I need to look for a way to downsize. I googled for possible places to donate these materials as it turns out only one or two charity that are willing to take them. I was lucky enough to find Toy Society. It seems to kill two birds with one stone – I get to make things and get rid of it somewhat anonymously.

Here’s a look of the first Toy that will contribute to Toy Society



After the shape is done, I’ve crocheted the hair and sewn the eyes onto the monster

The toy is for a good cause, I used beads to create a big smiley 🙂

Ta Da…