Sesame Cake

One of my favorite dessert at the Dim Sum luncheon is the Sesame Cake

I came across this wonderful recipe here and made my own.

It’s super easy to make!

1. Prepare 2 bowl

2. Measure ingredients:

  1. Bowl 1: 120g water (room temperature) + 65g Water Chestnut Powder (gives it crunchiness)+ 15 g Glutinous Rice/ Wheat Starch Powder + 50g Cornstarch
  2. Bowl 2: 480g hot water + 150g sugar + 100g sesame powder (lightly toasted in oven for 10 min

3. Mix the bowls of ingredients separately, then mix the bowls together

4. Lightly oil the container/ mould/ ramekin that will be use, this helps release the steamed cake from the container

5. Steam the cake 🙂

  1. Option 1 – fill the batter to the top and steam for 20-30 min and test for doneness
  2. Option 2 – as suggested at the source to make multi-layers: fill the base of the container  or 1/5 full, steam for 3 minutes (check whether the layer is set) then add another 1/5 to the container, allow it to steam for 3 minutes and repeat; after all the batter has been added, steam for 20 minutes and check for doneness

6. All the cake to cool before cutting it, then enjoy 🙂

Can you see the layers?  Yumm 🙂


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