First attempt.. Entrelac Knitting

I know how to procrastinate (*indeed too well), so to have something ready for winter, I got to start making it now. After reading different blogs and articles, I’ve decided to make a cropped box sweater. Yarn selection is the easy part, since I have some leftover yarn at home. For this project, it’ll be one strand of white yarn and one strand of gold nylon/ polyester yarn. The thing to consider in selecting a pattern is whether the pattern will show up nicely in these color. After some thought and research on fw 2012/ss 2013 trends, I’ve decided to try out Entrelac knitting, a type of knitting that looks like it is diagonally woven into each other.

Two great resources I’ve used:

Entrelac Step-by-Step Photo Tutorial for Beginners written by Urszula Szwabowicz

Planet Purl’s How to channel – a six part video instruction on Entrelac Knitting

This is what I’ve got so far 🙂 Not bad for a first timer eh?ImageHopefully I have enough yarn and patience to finish it in time for SF 🙂


If you are not ready for Entrelac, you can go to, this site offers a range of  knitting pattern for free with pictures, it’s super cool 🙂


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