Handmade wedding gifts

A pair of sock monkey for the monkey lovers, Yi Yeh and Kevin 🙂



Late night snack – chicken curry crisps



My version

  1. Dice 1/2 chicken breast 
  2. Marinade chicken with 1 tbsp of each soy sauce, oyster sauce, wine and curry powder, set aside for 30 minutes
  3. Dice, cook and mash 2 medium size potatoes
  4. Dice onion to roughly the size of green peas
  5. Mince 3 chili pepper, 3 cloves of garlic and 1 piece of ginger
  6. Mince cilantro/ parsley and other herbs as you wish *be adventurous a lot of herbs go well with curry like basil, thyme, dill and rosemary


  1. Saute chili, garlic and ginger
  2. Cook onion until soft
  3. Stir in chicken
  4. Add wine and cook till there is no pink in chicken
  5. Stir in green peas and potatoes
  6. Add curry powder and herbs
  7. Test for doneness = taste the mixture and add more flavor if necessary
  8. Set aside for mixture to cool

Making little wraps

  1. Cut spring roll wrappers into 3 long strips so mixture can be wrapped into triangles. You can also make little spring rolls if you wish
  2. Heat pan and pan fry (oil does not cover the entire surface of the pan) the wraps in medium heat until they turn golden
  3. drain oil and serve

Other cooking method

1. deep frying – less time consuming, but uses a large amount of oil

2. pan frying – not as bad as deep frying

3. lightly brush oil on wraps and bake for 4 minutes at 325C or until golden, flip and do the same for the other side

Resource: eat, Little bird – Chicken Curry Puffs

Enjoy 🙂

The storm of cleaning up 5+ years of memories/ trash

As far as I could remember I’ve only cleaned up my stuff 3 times in my life..

1. 1989 immigration to Canada – it was pretty simple because I was a child then and my mom did everything for me. The toughest decision then was picking between cabbage patch dolls and barbie

2. 2006-8 return to HK – yes it was a period of two years to drag “everything” back.. teaching material, notes, fabric, yarn, beads collection, ski suit.. the list is endless. Now thinking about it, it’s not as bad because I have a car and parents’ home to store the “undecided” goods

3. Aug 2012 move to SF – OMG nightmare! One of my ex-coworker teaches English and she gave her students this topic to write about “What are the ten things I carry with me if I ran away from home?” This move is like that top 10 vital survival kits only. Rent in SF is doubled what we pay here and we still haven’t found a place to live. Basically, we have to give up a lot of unnecessary items and go with 2 suitcases.

Unnecessary items:

  • Panda bear from Chongqing *no souvenir needed because there is no storage space
  • short sleeves/ sleeveless tops of any kind *microclimate**
  • high heels *lots of hills*
  • teaching materials accumulated over the years *no work visa = no teaching = no need for it and thank god for internet 🙂

Useful resources:

Waste Reduction list 

Crossroad Hk – they basically takes everything if you deliver the goods to them. I gave them my collection of fabric and craft supplies and their philosophy is to redistribute the goods to people who can make use of them in rural China. I felt like stuff that I’ve kept over the years and will be Reborn somewhere, it’s a pretty cool feeling.

Chai Sin Club – i don’t know much about this group, but I was happy that they came and picked up everything (books, stationary, clothing & accessories, small appliances) and the wait time was about 1 week 🙂

Asia Expat – free advertising for selling/ buying/ giving away goods

28 House – local Chinese site to advertise your goods 100 token/ month, 5 token/ listing, so that’s like free


Retro sewing machine

It’s almost time to go and I’m busily cleaning out the flat – sofa cabinets dresser everything must go. I called a dozen of charity and tried to selling the sofa online but no one wants it because of the scratch mark and old age. It’s a waste to trash it so I decided to make a cover for it.

30 days usage, $500 hkd/ $62 usd, a functional sturdy machine with 90 days warranty – gotta love this cheap deal 😉