The storm of cleaning up 5+ years of memories/ trash

As far as I could remember I’ve only cleaned up my stuff 3 times in my life..

1. 1989 immigration to Canada – it was pretty simple because I was a child then and my mom did everything for me. The toughest decision then was picking between cabbage patch dolls and barbie

2. 2006-8 return to HK – yes it was a period of two years to drag “everything” back.. teaching material, notes, fabric, yarn, beads collection, ski suit.. the list is endless. Now thinking about it, it’s not as bad because I have a car and parents’ home to store the “undecided” goods

3. Aug 2012 move to SF – OMG nightmare! One of my ex-coworker teaches English and she gave her students this topic to write about “What are the ten things I carry with me if I ran away from home?” This move is like that top 10 vital survival kits only. Rent in SF is doubled what we pay here and we still haven’t found a place to live. Basically, we have to give up a lot of unnecessary items and go with 2 suitcases.

Unnecessary items:

  • Panda bear from Chongqing *no souvenir needed because there is no storage space
  • short sleeves/ sleeveless tops of any kind *microclimate**
  • high heels *lots of hills*
  • teaching materials accumulated over the years *no work visa = no teaching = no need for it and thank god for internet 🙂

Useful resources:

Waste Reduction list 

Crossroad Hk – they basically takes everything if you deliver the goods to them. I gave them my collection of fabric and craft supplies and their philosophy is to redistribute the goods to people who can make use of them in rural China. I felt like stuff that I’ve kept over the years and will be Reborn somewhere, it’s a pretty cool feeling.

Chai Sin Club – i don’t know much about this group, but I was happy that they came and picked up everything (books, stationary, clothing & accessories, small appliances) and the wait time was about 1 week 🙂

Asia Expat – free advertising for selling/ buying/ giving away goods

28 House – local Chinese site to advertise your goods 100 token/ month, 5 token/ listing, so that’s like free



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