Little less cooking in December

December cookingSweet peas with cod and mashed potatoes, Scrambled eggs with oysters, steamed eggs, Chestnut chocolate puffs, Baked fluffy Cheesecake

Mashed potatoes and yams with cheddar, Taro cookies, Boil Chicken, Pan fried Drumsticks, Steamed Bun



Gift for Baby Alexander

I’ve always loved knitting, think it started when I was a kid 9, 10 years old. Throughout the years, I’ve only knitted small items like dolls and doggie clothes.  The two baby sweaters are my recent accomplishments.

Baby Sweater

I bought these off white mercerized Cotton crochet thread from the Swedish Craft. Surprisingly they work really well with the blue yarn that I bought years ago and currently out of stock. This little sweater is a bit big for the one month old Alexander, it will be a while until he grows into it 🙂

Goodbye 2012 and Hello 2013 :)

2012 a

1. Start off the year on the rooftop of our building in Hong Kong.

2. Parliament building in Taipei, Reunion at TedxTaipei, Revisiting NonZero – it’s always good to revisit our friends and places we love.

3. First time traveling with my gf to Bangkok and fell in love with the Spa – Life is heavenly! Elephants for worship at Bangkok

4. It has been 22 years since my family moved to Vancouver. It is a rare occasion that over 100 relatives join together to celebrate our marriage in Chinese style. Our wedding gift for the Chinese Wedding Celebration

5. Two of our closest friends got married and we couldn’t attend.  We miss you Mr and Mrs P 🙂 Our dearest friends in Taichung

6. Kowloon City Park, a part of Hong Kong where my parents’ history lies.

7. Our head gear for the Wedding Celebration

8. Artist on Hollywood Road HK,  Bill on Seymour Road and the view from our apartment looking down on Caine Road.

9. Bill making me laugh posing at Spiderman 😛  He did all the heavy lifting in The Big Move with limited AC  *poor thing

10. A glimpse of the Chatuchak Market in Bangkok

11. Day trip to Tai O, Fishing village of Hong Kong

12. Meeting someone famous in Taipei 🙂

13. Survived and celebrated our first anniversary

14. Surprise discovery of an old sewing machine

2012 b

1. San Francisco in September – Golden Gate Bridge, Dolores Park and Fisherman Wharf while staying at our first Airbnb place

2. So silly of us taking pictures of Moscone Centre *Geeks!

3. Maple leaf tree changed its color from green to a spectrum of orange yellow, an indicator of Fall.  Vancouver, BC.

4. Bay Bridge

5. Kayaking with Dad, first time ever!

6. Smitten’s and Tcho – new favorites

7. Hermes event – got to appreciate good craftsmanship

8. Huge pumpkin outside Wholefoods

9. Tzar – first dog we meet in SF, she’s a doll!

10. New ritual – Contraband Coffee

11. Life of a child – East Bay Mini Maker Faire

12. First event in SF and Bill dressed up for *Kevin get Mary =)

13. At our new home with familiar furnitures from Ikea

14. That’s us!

2012 c

1. Athens, Greece; Santorini – Love it!!; Firenze; Kotor, Montenegro

2. Florence, Venice and inside a church in Argostoli

3. Romeo and Juliet’s Verona, Cappuccino Italian style!, Pink David and the art of Santa Maria Novella Chapel in Florence



BIG Congrats to these people.. hopefully pictures to follow someday when we meet them again in person 🙂

1. Half a dozen of new parents – Maggie & Herbert with Samuel, Kelly & Michael with Jayden, Lesley and Rex with Alexander, Angie & Ricky with Kianne and Bernice & Leo with Koen

2. The soon-to-be and the newlyweds – Mr. & Mrs. Peng,Shiu, Ho, Hung and Yeung


Baby Kimono

November was all about knitting ..

I had a couple of projects going on but the priority was to finish a baby kimono for my friends’ baby, so they can receive it before Christmas 🎄

I got the yarn at Art Fibers. It is 100% organic cotton in its original color – off white. Hope the couple likes it otherwise they can always dye it with Kool-aide. I used an online knit calculator that can be found on webpage to setup the knit work. If you saw me in November, you would have seen this project already because I bought it with me wherever I went. Well, hope the couple likes this little gift and hope the baby will fit into it some day 😉


Found this website, it’s like Knitter’s paradise .. Pickles. Their patterns are simple and whimsical, something different from traditional knitting designs and many of them are free woohoo 😁

Home cooked Meals

Stir fry Okra and Shrimp, Steamed Cod, Stir fry Brussel sprouts with Dill and button mushroom, Sake veggie soup with clams

Baked potato fries with Thai Basil, Rosemary Lamb chops, Baked potato and sweet potato fries

Zucchini and enoki mushrooms with Pesto sauce, Pan fry Salmon steak, Roasted sweet potatoes, Fried cod with tomato sauce, Pumpkin soup with Cheese crisp

Christmas Fair and Bazaar

It sure is a busy weekend in SF. There were two events that I attended Swedish Christmas Fair at St. Mary’s Cathedral and Bazaar Bizarre SF.

Imagebazaar bizarre

I had a hard time pulling myself away from some of the booths – yarn shops, letterpress cards/ posters and FabMo. Of course I left with some merino/ silk yarn, Christmas cards and a bag of fabric. Loved this free event 😍

This is a good glimpse of the Swedish celebration. Anyone know the name of the instrument .. it looks complicated like a cross breed of a piano and a violin?

Aside from Swedish Soda, lingo berry juice and more yarn, I took two of these home – handcrafted wool Santa 🙂 They are now chilling on the little Rosemary Tree 🎄