Coffee in Vancouver

Foamy cappuccino from Milano Coffee. Most of the caps I’ve had in sf look and taste like latte, but this one in Milano is pretty authentic


I like Matchsticks they have all the hip factors – wooden interior, wifi, somewhat good coffee my favorite is guturiri from Kenya But they need to work on consistency of producing quality coffee maybe by checking the water temperature and amount of coffee


Revolver like the revolving door is designed for people to pass through. Their coffee is lacking on many levels that I don’t know where to start. Location, interior design and sources of bean for sale like are the only hip factor


Kafka’s on Main
Hip area with great shops and zipcars. Comfortable neighborhood coffee shop with free wifi where college students hangout. Unfortunately the americano I had was dull and weak. I would not go back again!


49th parallel and Lucky donuts on Main
Great ambiance and decor! Patio seating area for outdoor and dog lovers!
Parking at rear or in the alley.
I had the coffee of the day which is the Ethiopian. Unfortunately it is pour from a pot and it faintly carries the characteristics of an Ethiopian bean. šŸ˜£ Blood orange donut square has balanced flavor, sweetness and color! I’ll probably give it another try, believing Canadians know how to make good coffee!



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