Beating egg whites


Once you understand the simple rule of making meringue the doors to the world of baking are open to you! Sponge cake, chiffon cake, souffl√©, macaron, the list is endless….

1. Equipment is fat free – no grease, oil, egg yolk

2. Eggs are at room temperature – take eggs out of fridge and let them sit overnight or place them in lukewarm water to warm up to room temp

3. Use a bowl that is not too big. Larger bowls are great if you are working with a lot of eggs. I usually use the smallest and deepest bowl I can find – like an 2.5 quart bowl for up to 6 eggs, or a 1.4l pot for 2-3 eggs. The idea is that it doesn’t need to be anything fancy as long as there is enough room for the air to be incorporated into the egg whites.

Here’s the ultimate test


Further read about the mechanics of egg whites


Dinner rolls with cheddar


I love recipes that are easy to follow and this one is pretty stress free! Bread machines/ mixers are not needed, just a bowl and muscles (maybe).

Recipe is from Fleischmann’s bread world website

The key is success is to make sure the yeast is alive!

Mix yeast with sugar
Test water to make sure that it is warm and not hot, hot water will kill the yeast
Use your senses – should smell yeast and should see foam forming from yeast

I’ve added 1.5c of cheddar to the batter and baked it in a lightly greased muffin tin. The baking time is shortened to 8-10 minutes.