Baked wonton cups



Wonton Wrappers

This is the first time that I use this in baking instead of frying. The texture is puffier and thicker compared to frying it. But time wise, it only takes half the time in baking.


The tip is to lightly brush oil onto the wrappers then bake it on the muffin tins. It takes roughly 5 minutes at 400F. Great for appetizers~  You can basically fill it with anything – arugula + feta  , minced chicken with pine nuts, salmon, cream cheese and dill, the combination is endless~

This appetizer is going to be Cherry tomatoes, shrimp and basil cups.

1. Marinate and cook the shrimp

2. Bake the cherry tomatoes – I cooked them with in the muffin tins for 20-30 minutes with a bit of salt and oil


3. Bake the wonton cups ~ brush wonton wrappers with oil and bake for 3-5 minutes till done (looks golden and puffier)

4. Assemble – place tomatoes on the bottom, top with shrimp and basil 🙂

I got this idea from Inspired Taste~


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