Karl and the bridge

Apparently, Karl is the name of the fog, hence @KarlTheFog. I know Sf is famous for the foggy weather, didn’t know that it’s so famous/ popular to a point where the fog has a name. Read more here about Karl!

GG bridgeGG bridge


A film about coffee

A film about coffeeLove it! I wish more people have the chance to watch this film, so they can understand the hardship and commitment that farmers have to go through to produce good quality coffee. Baristas and coffee shop owners, their passion and dedication were not said explicitly, but can seen throughout the film. Watching the film in Castro Theatre with a full house of coffee lovers was added bonus. The experience was amazing: everyone laughed and cheered together about Coffee, while some say it’s only a daily dose. People say this only happens in Sf, I believe there are more likeminded people out there. Screen this in your city, write to them and make it happen!