SF Street Food Festival

I volunteered with La Cocina and was lucky to have a preview of the Street Food Fest that’s coming up next weekend!


la cocina

Sugar & Spun – cotton candy with unique flavor: spiced mango, cookie monster, strawberry nutella and more.. You get the idea!
Sugar SpunDare you to try insects!  Actually, they are yummy, great snacks I say :O  (Eji’s Ethiopian) Oh and they don’t just catch any bugs, these insects were raised for human consumption!
IMG_2165I imagined Indian food to be heavy on the sauce, spices and creamy in texture.  Papdi Chaat taste nothing like that, it’s a good balance of crunchiness and flavor. (Rasoi)

Papdi Chaat


These little dumplings are so good that they receive a local grant – Bini’s Kitchen. By the way, the dumplings are called momo, Himalyan cuisine, cute name!

Bini kitchen


Something different from 4505 meats
4505 Meat

Their name says it all – Crumble & Whisk: delish cheesecake

Crumble and whisk

Not to be confused with Banh Mi, these are Bicycle Bánh Mi.  The difference: they provide bicycle delivery and catering to SF and Bay area. Mother and daughter team, cooking up family recipes and making simple, authentic Vietnamese food.
Bicycle Banh mi

Frozen Kuhsterd – Genius idea of combining dynamo donuts with ice cream and sauce!Frozen Kuhsterd


I was already full, so didn’t have the chance to try the rest of the food.


Thank you for the great preview!eiji

The Kick-off event Friday Aug 15Fried Chicken night!

If you want to participate for free (ish), they are looking for volunteers, sign up:  https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/2014SFSFFVolRegistration


The Food Fest – Saturday Aug 16

See ya there 🙂


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